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Designer Kitchens And Bespoke Furniture

The fundamental of a well designed kitchen is to ensure it is
desirable and functional. We all live such different lives
and those lives often revolve around kitchens. When
designing a kitchen we take into consideration the
needs of the individual, if you like things away or on
display, knowing if you like to cook or simply
entertain or both. Where you drink your coffee, where
your kids do their homework – all the functions of a
bespoke kitchen are taken into account.

We are proud to carry on the tradition of English cabinet
making, we craft our stunning furniture by combining the
best of modern technology with the time honoured
techniques that have served for centuries. In our London
workshops you will find us crafting, joining, sanding and
working on every last detail of each piece. Having
craftsmanship at our core and making each piece of
furniture individually means, how your cupboards open,
what goes on show and what is hidden is all created
bespoke for you.

Technology has transformed the way we live and designer kitchens
are no exception. New innovations advance the way bespoke kitchens
are designed; instant hot water taps, steam ovens and the never
ending development of the perfect coffee machine. Companies like
Miele , Sub Zero and Gaggenau are all continually pushing the
boundaries to help deliver everything you could possibly want
and we ensure you get the best.

At Increation we are unique as we craft your fitted
kitchen exactly how you imagined it. We will remove
your old kitchen, knock down your walls if we need to,
paint, put in your floor and install all the fixtures and
fittings. When we talk about complete service we
mean exactly that. The designing, the planning, the
project management, the builder, the plumbing and
the cabinet making is all done for you, we even show
you how to use your new appliances.

We offer a full design and build service, priding ourselves on
matching our design capability with build knowledge
that enables us to work with structural & building layouts,
spatial planning and furniture design, plumbing and electrics.
This allows us not only to design for you, but deliver for you as we
overcome all the challenges and we plan all the intricacies of your
interior on your behalf.

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